Follow the Patient Pathway: Art and Design in Woodland View

The Art and Design for the new NHS Aryshire and Arran Community and Acute Mental Health facility in Irvine has been designed to support the patient pathway benefiting residents, visitors, families, carers and staff alike.  This Strategy developed by Donald Uquhart and Will Levi Marshall can be explored by following the links below to stories about each of the work.  The artists’ names link to biographical information.

Milemarkers (Marion Smith) encourage exploration of the surroundings of Woodland View, the new NHS Aryshire and Arran Community and Acute Mental Health facility in Irvine.

Starting in the Atrium including the Atrium Frieze (Donald Urquhart) as well as The Sea (Alistair Swan), a large scale photograph in the entrance, and graphic designs for the main Reception as well as first floor glazing (Linda Schwab).

Finding the Way – Arran All Weathers (Will Levi Marshall) is a key landmark in the main artery of Woodland View.  It celebrates the way that the Isle of Arran responds to weather and light.

Local Memories (Debbie Adele Cooper) is a series of installed reproductions of historical photographs provide by patients, families, carers and staff that reflect the locality and can be used for reminiscence therapy.

The Language of Flowers, new botanical paintings and prints by Anne Smith.

The Gallery – Over the next year icecream architecture will produce a series of exhibitions for the new Woodland View Gallery space working with patients and the people of Ayrshire.

The Sanctuary (Donald Urquhart) is a key area within any healthcare building, especially one concerned with mental health. Needing to serve all faiths and none, it has to be a place set apart for reflection and privacy.

The Journey and the Destination – The Journey project (Urquhart and Walsh) produced a set of three films enabling patients in Woodland View to take walks in beautiful parts of the Ayrshire landscape.  The Destination Seating project (Graeme Massie Architects) is a focal point encouraging use of the grounds.

Guest Blogs written for Points of View blog (2014-2016)

Dr Robert De Mey, The Arts in Health Care: Core Value or Expensive Frippery?, (published 27 January 2015).  How the arts in all their forms can have a role in supporting the human spirit, particularly where medicines or other interventions fail.  Dr De Mey is a Consultant Psychiatrist with NHS Ayrshire and Arran.

John Fulton, Why Arts? (published 20 October 2014). Why the Arts are essential for human well-being.  John Fulton is an Art Therapist working with NHS Ayrshire and Arran and sits on the Steering Group for the Art Strategy for Woodland View.

John Fulton, Art and Environment for Mental Health  (published 25 November 2014).  Considers the extensive evidence for the impact of art and environment on mental health.

John Fulton, What is Art Therapy?  (published 5 May 2015). An insightful video about the process of Art Therapy.

Alexander Hamilton, Function and Meaning (published 9 December 2014).  The importance of biophilic design and community engagement in new healthcare buildings in Scotland.  Alexander Hamilton was lead artist for the Dignified Spaces project for the new South Glasgow University Hospitals.

Vanessa Jones and Gary Nash, Environmental Art Therapy and the Circle of Trees (published 14 April 2015). Two Art Therapists talk about using environmental art techniques for Art Therapy.

Levi Marshall, Make It Real (published 28 July 2015).  Artworks that extend connection to nature – with stunning views of Arran.  Will Levi Marshall is one of the Arts Co-ordinators for Woodland View Art Strategy.

Graeme Massie, Destination Seating  (published 21 April 2015).  An area the architects feel will  create meaningful opportunities to enjoy the landscape – an active lifestyle is key to mental and physical health.  Graeme Massey Architects are commissioned to develop the Destination Seating Project.

Maria McCavana, Before and After (published 11 November 2014). Shows wonderful examples of working with patients, families and staff to make public areas of community mental health units more welcoming.  Maria McCavana is an artist who has worked with children and young people in a wide range of contexts including mental health units.

Jephson Robb, Sculpture Commission: 200 Years of Gartnavel Royal Hospital (published 18 August 2015).  How the artist/designer approached creating a new work, commissioned by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for “art in the gart.” Breathtaking.

Linda Schwab, Commissioned Artist  (published 24 March 2015). An introduction to the work of the artist responsible for the Graphics and Design Commission.

Linda Schwab, Work in Progress: Ward Signs (published 23 June 2015). The inspiration of Charles Rennie Macintosh’s  beautiful sketches of local plants and birds in the production of beautiful, considered ward signs.

Marion Smith, Milestones, a Waymarking Sculpture Commission (published 19 May 2015). A commission meaningful to the journey of recovery.  Marion Smith is the artist commissioned to develop the Waymarking Sculptures for Woodland View encouraging use of the landscape.

Marion Smith, Milestone Marker Workshops (published 7 July 2015). Details of workshops on drawing and sculpture at Crosshouse and Ailsa Hospitals. Fabulous images.

Dr Theo Stickley, A Little Rant About Evidence (published 31 March 2015). A heartfelt plea that creative approaches in mental health will become more valued and embedded in practice.  Theo Stickley is a leading researcher working on arts and health issues based at the University of Nottingham.

Donald Urquhart, Landscape as a Healing Source  (published 28 October 2014). Breathtaking inspirations and thoughtful evidence for the value of integrating contemplative aspects of nature within art into the healthcare environment.  Donald Urquhart is one of the Arts Co-ordinators for the Woodland View Art Strategy.

Donald Urquhart, New CAMHS Unit Dundee https://ayrshirehealthandarts.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/donald-urquhart-new-camhs-unit-dundee/ (published 4 August 2015).  A set of internal and external projects that will certainly enhance the patient and staff experience.

Donald Urquhart, Sanctuary Space (published 8 September 2015).  The role of a Sanctuary as a place apart, a place of peace, a place of prayer. Beautiful images and video.

Emma Varley, stop-go  (published 18 November 2014). The challenges and insights to be gained from working with children who have mental health issues. Playful yet insightful.  Emma Varley is an artist who has undertaken several projects in healthcare settings.